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Textured Melamine from StevensWood – Changing the World of Surfaces

These “Euro-style” colored melamine panels give the look of real wood color, texture, and grain but it’s more economical, lower maintenance plus scratch and water resistant sheets and boards.

“If you are creating the warmth of contemporary rustic, or focusing on a fresh modern style, you will surely enjoy the feel and look of our luxuriously affordable and durable wood alternative.”


StevensWood Textured Melamine

The newest look in cabinet design is here – textured melamine cabinets! Now available through National Wood Products – Southern California – StevensWood® textured laminates offer unlimited surface textures with unique designs. StevensWood® fits the look and feel of today’s spaces.

Each collection; Legno, Artika and Rain, is Greengold Certified so you are getting an environmentally friendly and sustainable product to use in your finished products.

National Wood Products is your local supplier of textured melamine throughout Southern California.

The Legno Collection

Legno’s realistic textured wood grain patterns and texture-matched grains are the ideal complements for your designs. Whether you are creating a contemporary rustic feel or a more modern style, you will appreciate our affordable and durable wood alternative. StevensWood® only uses materials that are 100% recycled and recovered, or GRN+ non-added formaldehyde core materials.

Available in 5’ x 8’ panels. Edge banding also available.

Walnut Pittoni

(classic wood grains coupled with an aggressive depth)

L29 Natural Marrone

L31 White Nebbia

L30 Evening Notte

Mezzo Cherry

(clean and modern with a fresh complementing look)

L33 Serotina

L35 Kirsche

L34 Jasper

Trento Oak

(distressed aesthetics and bold cathedrals)

L36 Allaria

L38 Coastal

L37 Laurel

Tokaj Alder

(tighter full cathedrals, rustic yet clean)

L02 Sabbia

L04 Ontano

L07 Siberian

L10 Formosa

L03 Aliso

L05 Alno

L09 Kyushu

Walnut Tiepolo

(modern and linear, softer realistic feel)

L13 Mayette

L16 Parisienne

L20 Ashley

L14 Lara

L18 Vina

The Artika & Rain Collection

StevensWood’s® Artika® & Rain® collection provides architects and designers with opportunities to bring interior design to the next level. Enhanced textures along with realistic and trendy patterns offer the perfect solution for the needs and lifestyles of today.

Artika features a wider textured look, while Rain comes with a tighter textured look.

Available in 4’ x 8’ panels and 5’ x 8’ panels.

Artika and Rain are available in a variety of colors:

*Ebony #648 currently not available.

GT6 Shadow Teak

GT8 Weathered Teak

043 Pearl White

529 Takase Teak

574 Natural Elm

589 Grey Echo

G85 White Zebrine

G87 Canella Rustik

G90 Dark Noce

G92 Drift Loud

W51 Richmond Cherry

W64 Dahat Teak

GT7 Natural Teak

GT9 Caramel Cherry

174 Black

533 Midnight Echo

576 Dark Elm

596 Morning Fog

G86 Gregio Notte

G88 Natural Rustik

G91 Carmelo Mist

W29 Gregio Pine

W53 Arizona Cypress


StevensWood TFL Specification

The following document is provided to assist design professionals with product specifications, general information and language standards for paneling, casework, countertops, cabinetry, interior closets, residential and office furniture, shop and job site application of millwork finishes and similar architectural woodwork.

StevensWood Care & Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of StevensWood surfacing will bring years of quality performance. StevensWood laminates resist muddy fingerprints, coffee spills and so much more. Be sure to read the following document for the recommended care and cleaning procedures.

StevensWood Doors by Paragon Concepts

Paragon Concepts™ was born from a need to supply customers with an affordable superior quality door option that perfectly matches the existing melamine and textured melamine colors available today.

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