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National Wood Products is your wholesale hardwood lumber, plywood & melamine supplier in Southern California

We are more than your hardwood lumber & plywood supplier — we are your partner in making your business successful.

“National Wood Products has helped us grow by being a great supplier for our lumber needs, and is always looking for ways to partner with us, and deliver what we need, when we need it.”

Bob Marcynysyn, Owner, Avalon Shutters

Featured Products

Textured Melamine from StevensWood®

These “Euro-style” colored melamine panels give the look of real wood color, texture, and grain but it’s more economical, lower maintenance plus scratch and water resistant sheets and boards.

High Gloss Acrylic

With their unmistakable surface and depth effect, high gloss acrylic panels offer a gloss effect like no other material. They can be distinguished by enormous scratch resistance, UV resistance, and environment-friendly features. We have different types, including Vision acrylic panels and Ultra High Gloss in both PVC and matte.

Melamine Panels

We have melamine sheets made from premium material. Melamine particle boards are made out of paper impregnated with melamine glues which are pressed together. The surface of the product is completely closed, pore-free, scratch, wear, heat and discoloration resistant.

Satisfied Customers

"Here at H & J Cabinets we have been using National Wood Products for about 7 years. Over that 7 years we have had a very successful relationship. Relationships are very important to me as a business owner because things seldom go exactly as planned. National Wood Products is very flexible about our deliveries. Usually we receive the order by the very next day. They are able to do this by making sure that the products we order are ready and in stock. This great relationship is also very evident with their accounts payable department. We don't always get paid by our customers as quickly as we would like and National Wood products is there to help by offering us a very flexible payment option, when that need arises. Additionally, our salesman is always looking for ways to improve our end product with the best raw materials and to accomplish our goal of giving our customers the best product available. If we require an "out of the box" item, he is there to source it for us, even if he doesn't carry it himself. IT IS A GREAT RELATIONSHIP AND I LOOK FORWARD TO THE FUTURE."

Joe Worland, Owner, H & J Cabinets

"We have worked with National Wood Products, Inc. for over 15 years. NWP has always taken our business seriously, even though in the beginning, we were not a very big account. They have helped us grow by being a great supplier for our lumber needs. They stock various products and have an extensive inventory. NWP is always looking for ways to partner with us, and deliver what we need, when we need it, allowing us to operate JIT when it comes to our supply. National Wood Products has the experience to help their customers lower overall costs by providing cost analysis on varying grades and yields. They are able to help business owners, like myself, make educated decisions and concentrate on their other production concerns. They always make us feel as if we are their only customer. It’s amazing the level of service and willingness to help that they consistently deliver every day."

Bob Marcynysyn, Owner, Avalon Shutters

"Pete's Cabinets Inc has been a loyal customer of National Wood Products for 8 years. Not only are we customers but Family, everyone at NWP is willing to deliver the best customer service happy to answer questions and stay competitive with pricing and selection. We love our Family over at NWP."

Pedro Gallegos, Owner/CEO, Pete’s Cabinets, Inc.

National Wood Products Advantages

Hardwood Lumber & Plywood Reps

A team of professionals dedicated to calling on custom cabinet shops, furniture manufacturers and wood working specialists of all sizes. Our reps are here to help your business utilize our products better so you can be more profitable.


Our fleet of trucks covers deliveries from Tijuana Mexico to Ventura and out into the desert areas. Our large distribution area ensures that we can have a truck out to you promptly to meet your delivery needs. We also have available a Piggy Back Fork Lift trailer, which means no more hand unloading!

Customer Service

Reliable, friendly, bi-lingual, front office staff who are always available.


A 60,000+ square foot facility with a knowledgeable and efficient staff.

Answer Questions, Gain Insight, Fall in Love with our Pricing